Saturday, 16 October 2010

Living in a Flat

Now I live in a flat that is nearby the town centre. This is fantastic for going to the shops to grab some more baby wipes or do our weekly food shopping within an hour and all of us get a nice walk. But there are many downsides and today we are suffering.

We live on the second floor in a block that only has stairs. We have a Travel System which is fairly heavy and any times when I am on my own I have hurt my back badly trying to get it up the stairs over a couple of days. At first I stated I would go out every day for a walk with my son to keep fit as well as give him a chance to have fresh air and nap. Trouble now is my back suffered badly from this so I only go out if I need to which tends to be 3 days in the week and on weekends I have my partner with me to help take it down and up the stairs.

Other issues are sound. We have another flat above us and since we moved here they have always been a bit loud. Not sure what they do all day but you can hear them sit down, run around and even hear their landline telephone ring. Tonight these people have decided to put their sound system on full blast and have a party. All I can hear is the bass booming and the ceiling creaking loudly as they dance and jump around. Alex has woken up twice already from this and it's now come to the point that whatever they are doing it actually sometimes shakes our walls and floor! Of course we don't know people here and having read the Facebook page made for these blocks of flats people aren't exactly friendly or polite. I'm not sure what to do without causing issues.

So do other parents have this problem living in a flat? Do you have any suggestions on this problem?


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