Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Review: Munchkin Click Lock Cups

Munchkin are bringing out some new cups for six months and up which feature "Click Lock" which is a brand new way of locking cups shut that is easy for parents but not so easy for little ones. It also means you know for sure that it is closed properly as you hear it click in to place. Here are the cups that have the Click Lock which will be available in Asda and Mothercare mid-October.

Click Lock Trainer Cup (8oz. /237ml.) RRP: £3.99
With an all new contemporary design that is easy for little hands with the hold easy-to-grip handles, the Click Lock Trainer Cup is ideal for baby to grasp themselves and begin to drink on their own. Featuring the Click Lock innovation with a silicone seal, this cup is ideal for even the most mischievous little monsters!  The cup is also available in a range of colours.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Lindam Launches Safety Day To Raise Awareness

Lindam, the UK’s number one home safety brand has today revealed that hectic lifestyles are to blame for accidents involving children, according to parents. A poll of 2,000 parents highlighted that seven out of ten mums are being forced to regularly leave their children playing unsupervised while carrying out household chores.  The report also found that a staggering 40 per cent of parents admitted that their child had been injured around the house whilst they were busy cooking, cleaning and juggling aspects of domestic life.  The survey has been run in conjunction with the first Lindam Safety Day to highlight the difference a minute can make when it comes to reducing childhood accidents. And with more accidents happening in the home than anywhere else the majority of parents also said that it’s impossible to keep an eye on their children permanently to prevent accidents, which is why Lindam want to highlight to parents the number of accidents that can take place. 


  • Tripped in the garden
  • Fallen off the sofa
  • Fallen off the bed
  • Slipped on a floor
  • Hit head on a sharp corner
  • Shut fingers in a door
  • Injured when fighting with sibling
  • Fallen down the stairs
  • Smashed glass
  • Burnt on the cooker

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

COMPETITION: Blueberry Mini Deluxe Nappies & Swaddlebees Wet Bag

As you probably know I am a bit of a fan of cloth nappies and also run a Cloth Nappy Library for Birmingham & Walsall area where local parents can trial nappies for a tiny fee and find out which brands and types are suitable for them and their child. Well I've teamed up with Fill Your Pants to offer my lovely readers the chance to win some lovely fluff and a wet bag!

aren't they adorable? I wish I had given cloth a proper go when my son had been born and not been so scared, infact it was my partner who wanted to use cloth more than me! Anyway this is the perfect little nappy for newborns and will last until they are around 15lbs. Basically this is about £26 worth of cloth nappies you could be getting for free! If you do with you get to choose from a range of lovely designs. Just look at them!

A beautiful wet bag that will keep the smell of the used nappies at bay until it's wash time. Wet bags can very useful when you are out and about and still want to use your cloth nappies. This wet bag can hold around 6-8 nappies and no one will know it's for dirty nappies, they will be far too busy looking at the patterned fabric and won't even smell a thing because it'll keep it all inside so no need to worry! This wet bag is worth £12.95. Again you can choose from a range of colours and designs.

So now you have seen what we have to give away and I can bet you are now trying to pick what designs and colours you like, not easy right? Once you have decided on what you like why not enter to WIN your beloved design of cloth nappies courtesy of Fill Your Pants - the one stop shop for all your cloth nappy needs!

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