Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Review: Munchkin Click Lock Cups

Munchkin are bringing out some new cups for six months and up which feature "Click Lock" which is a brand new way of locking cups shut that is easy for parents but not so easy for little ones. It also means you know for sure that it is closed properly as you hear it click in to place. Here are the cups that have the Click Lock which will be available in Asda and Mothercare mid-October.

Click Lock Trainer Cup (8oz. /237ml.) RRP: £3.99
With an all new contemporary design that is easy for little hands with the hold easy-to-grip handles, the Click Lock Trainer Cup is ideal for baby to grasp themselves and begin to drink on their own. Featuring the Click Lock innovation with a silicone seal, this cup is ideal for even the most mischievous little monsters!  The cup is also available in a range of colours.

Click Lock Spill Proof Cup (10oz. / 296ml) RRP: £3.99
Things just click with the Click Lock Spill Proof Cup that features a silicone seal which provides a 100% spill-proof guarantee. Soft, durable and with a tinted sprout, the cup is funky and colourful, perfect for attracting the attention of little ones. The cup is also available in a range of colours so you can have a rainbow collection in your cupboard!

Click Lock Straw Cup (10oz. / 296ml) RRP: £3.99
Liquids stay where they belong with the Click Lock Straw Cup from Munchkin! Like the entire Click Lock range, the cup is soft, durable and features a tinted straw. What’s more, it operates the exclusive Click Lock technology which means you know it's locked when you hear the click and won't find any spills coming from this cup. As always you can buy these in a range of pretty colours for boys and for girls.

Click Lock Flip Straw Cup (10oz. / 296ml) RRP: £3.99
A mighty big idea that is making kids and mums flip, the Click Lock Flip Straw Cup features innovative Click Lock technology and with contoured design,  little hands can hold on tight to cups. It is available in a range of colours. This is the cup we got sent to try out and recommend it for toddlers, the shape of many of these cups means small hands can hold it, infact they will probably be able to hold it with just the one hand!

Click Lock Insulated Sippy Cup (9oz / 266ml) RRP: £4.49
A blessing to all parents looking for practicality and excitement in their children’s cup, the Click Lock Insulated Sippy Cup keeps drinks cooler for longer and features original artwork designs with high quality heat transfer print that will excite your little ones and spark their imagination! It also features a clear outer casing with a colour-tinted inner cup so parents can easily see the how much drink is in the cup and whether it's time for a refill. This cup is available in an assortment of colours and designs, so you’re sure to find one (and probably you too if you're anything like me!) will love.

Click Lock Insulated Flip Straw Cup (9oz. / 266ml) RRP: £4.49
Make drinking ‘flipping’ fun (get it? I know, bad pun) with the Click Lock Flip Straw Cup from Munchkin. Available in a variety of colours and designs, the cup features a contemporary contoured design for small hands, is insulated to keep drinks cooler for longer and has a clear outer with colour-tinted inner cup so the fill level is visible. Like all the other Munchkin cups you can enjoy collecting these designs and colours or get your child to pick their favourite!

I've also made a video to show the Click Lock system and a bit more into the Flip Straw Cup which we were sent to review. I have to say the moment these come out I'll be at my local Asda and buying more of these. They are so easy to use, safe and much better than out Tommee Tippee cups. Infact I have to confess I have binned most of our Tommee Tippee sippy cups as they became annoying and hard to clean in areas without a dishwasher.

Overall score... 9.5/10

Disclosure: We were sent the Click Lock Flip Straw Cup to review, however I wrote this being totally honest, I really do love this product. I'll probably take pictures of our new cup collection the moment I buy them because that's how weird I am.
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