Sunday, 28 November 2010

Review: ELC's Brilliant Start Buggy Driver

I had my eye on this super awesome looking pushchair toy back when I was pregnant. I said I'd buy one no matter what, and I did! Now it's been four months since Baby Al got this and now it is time to give this product a review.

ELC to me will be forever known as "That shop that sold my Brio train set" which sadly they no longer sell. I must add this just for people who recall this company and suddenly feel saddened by this please don't be sad! Brio still exist and can be found on Amazon's website. Anyway times have changed and new things have hit their shelves including one of their star buys, Brilliant Start Buggy Driver. Simply clamp it onto the sides of your pushchair or stroller, turn the key and watch your little one play til their hearts content! I brought it home and opened the box to place some batteries into the back of it, which was easy to do. Sadly it went down hill from this point on. I looked at our pushchair and then at the clamps... problem? Well I opened the clamps as far as they would allow but still only just about fitting on the bar. It had to be put on so it was very high above little one and he could no longer see people, which kind of made it less cute looking from a passers-by point of view. Also the clamps soon god damaged as they didn't get a good grip onto the pushchair.

By the age of five months he was starting to grab onto things more firmly and with strength behind him, this meant the toy fell either on top of him or off the pushchair all because he pulled on the red stick, something that is rather the point to the stick as you need to push or pull the red stick to make sounds. Now at eight months and with a cheap stroller it fits fine and he plays with it when we are not on the move. He rather much prefer to look at people then play with this now that his eyesight is very good and has a deep interest in facial expressions. Of course this toy can be enjoyed all the way to two years old, Baby Al may get bored of faces and get real deep into this car idea.

I got this on an offer at the time, but currently this is on sale at Mothercare and Early Learning Centre for £16.00. Not a bad price for something of this size but not a price I'd like to pay if I had an idea on whether it would fit my pushchair or not.

- Music and sounds for baby to enjoy whilst on the move
- Good price for a buggy toy
- Comes in white or pink

- Doesn't fit all pushchairs
- Rubber bits inside the clamp get damaged very easily over time and use
- Not so fun at three months old, more for older babies/toddlers

And now for the judges to score this toy out!

Baby Al's Rating: 6/10
Petit Mom's Rating: 4/10


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