Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Review: Organix Baby Biscuits

  When my son started to gain interest in finger foods my first reaction was to rush to my local supermarket and grab something for him to try out. I bought him the Organix Apple Rice Cakes which he quickly got the hang of. I praised these little healthy treats and now I've got hold of many more of their fantastic range of finger foods!

  Baby Al had been a good boy and enjoyed two decent naps during the daytime, much to my surprise! However just an hour before dinner time he got very grumpy, and he only just had a nice 1 hour long nap whilst being pushed around all the shops in town (I was helping Santa make a list of presents - shhh!). Normally holding him in my arms fixes this but he grew tired of me and the mirror game we tend to play together got boring pretty fast. In the end I placed him into his highchair and looked to see what finger food he may enjoy before dinner time. The Organix Baby Biscuits stood out for me and seemed like the perfect snack for him to munch on. But would he agree with his mommy's choice and find these biscuits enjoyable?

  Organix pride themselves in using only organic grown produce and list their ingredients in an easy-to-read way for parents to know exactly what is in the food they are giving their child. One of the things I must stress is there is no sugar in these biscuits! Instead they have replaced the need for sugar with grape juice. They look hard like any biscuit you'd buy for yourself but they are actually fairly soft with a gentle but noticeable taste of wholegrain wheat. I handed baby a whole biscuit and automatically he picked it up from the highchair table and went straight into his mouth! After sucking a few times he bit down on it with his 2 little teeth and gums and it broke down with ease and no pain for him. He ended up eating 1 and a half biscuits! He just munched his way through the first biscuit and the same for the half piece I gave him. Because of the size and shape little hands can hold onto them easily and place them into their mouths without any trouble. The only downside I had from first glance was many of them had broken into small bits, but it did just travel via the mail so I can't exactly mark them down for that! However the small bits did mean I could have a taste test myself and not feel like I was stealing his food as his little hands couldn't grasp small bits as well as get them into his mouth. My thoughts on them? Lovely!

Now onto the boring part... packaging! I shall be adding packaging to my reviews as recycling is important to parents and children of all ages. The packaging was simple, the usual sort of plastic casing holding the finger shaped biscuits together. Only 2 bits of plastic used in total which were the casing and the outer packaging, no overuse of wrapping like so many food products seem to come with these days! The other bonus is it's not a huge pack so you can easily pop it into your handbag or baby's changing bag incase they get a little hungry for a snack whilst you are travelling out and about. The outer package cannot be recycled but the plastic case can be put in the recycling.

Pricing always differs from shop to shop so I am here to make your hunt for the cheapest price for these tasty treats a little simpler.
Organix Online Shop: 99p
Tesco: 85p
Asda: 86p
Amazon.co.uk: £11.12 (for 7 packs)

And so here's a list of pros and cons and to complete the review we have our judges' score with 1 being the lowest and 10 the highest.

- Simple and tasty snack
- Healthy with no sugar
- Good price for what you get
- Shape is perfect for little hands
- Soft for baby's gums and new teeth

- Some of mine were already broken into small bits, however I think this was due to being in the mailing system.

Baby Al's Rating: 10/10
Petit Mom's Rating: 10/10


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