Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Enjoying Christmas Gifts!

This is Baby Al's first Christmas and we spent the holiday period over at my parents' house which is a good 3 hours drive away from our home. I didn't really get to take many photographs of the whole day mainly because I was busy with his gifts as well as mine, though I think my dad got some pictures and videos of him with the new camera they got as their Christmas gift for one another. From Santa he got the VTech First Steps Walker. He has held it but would rather it was placed infront of him so he can spend hours flipping the butterfly and pressing the keys. I kept spinning the cogs and was surprised that it made noises and so was he! He started trying to turn them and pressing them in and getting reactions from the toy. This picture was actually taken on Boxing Day as we had my big brother coming over, the shirt he is wearing was another gift from Santa which is a cute print of a tie! He also adores the telephone and will happily shake it like crazy non-stop. So far this toy has gotten the thumbs up from the both of us but a proper review will be posted at a later date.

He also got an ELC shape sorting house from us and so far he has really gotten into this whole putting shapes into the right hole idea. Square seems a bit tricky at the moment as they only fit when put in a certain way which confuses him, also one of the squares is purple and the line around the circle hole on the house is the same purple, he seems to try real hard to put the purple square into the circle hole and I can only presume it's cos of the colours. But he doesn't mind! He's cheeky enough to just remove the roof and cheat. Oh well, he's happy and that makes me happy! And yes there is a golden bauble under the chair for a reason. He became a fan of my mom's tree and kept removing baubles which soon got all over the living room! Bless him! And the alien sleepsuit was another gift from Santa (pssst - from Asda a pack of 2!) as he overheard that he was outgrowing his old ones, but the little lad got tons of new clothes from family this year as well as god knows how many toys! As I type this my desk has an empty bottle of milk, a singing caterpillar, a LeapFrog ABC plane, a slightly chewed Elmer's Weather book and a now empty cup of squash that I gulped down in matter of seconds.

Oh and poor little thing has been grumpy for days and we knew it was teething pains and... pop! Third tooth has started showing itself! So now he has two bottom gum teeth and one peeping through the top gum. But that doesn't stop the fact he's screaming in his cot right now when he's meant to be having his nap. 


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