Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Review: Tommee Tippee Sangenic Hygiene Plus Nappy Wrapper

We had never realised until after the birth of our son the problems of living on the second floor in a flat would be, specially when we realised we couldn't just put the nappies into a bin and empty it later as the smell was awful and not healthy for all three of us. We couldn't really rush down with a dirty nappy and put it in the large bins in the sheds and then rush back up every single time he needed changing, specially at night time, so we hunted for a solution and Tommee Tippee came up trumps with a nappy wrapper.

We Tommee Tippee Sangenic Hygiene Plus Nappy Wrapper is designed to make life a bit easier for parents and it's also hygienic. It uses an anti-bacterial film to lock away the germs and odours. Once your bin needs emptying you simply use the cutting area that can be found on the inside of the bin's top to cut through the film, tie it up and just but in your outdoor bin. Refilling the wrapper with a new cassette is also easy. You just place the cassette in, pull some of the film out and tie the end up.

The issues we have had with it is we have had moments where we have put a dirty nappy into the bin, pushed it through and then realised there is no more film left. Really there should be some sort of red line or marking that appears to warn you that it is getting low of film in the same fashion used in shop tills to show the receipt roll is getting low. It's also not very cheap to keep as you have to keep buying new cassettes. Best way really is to buy the three packs or when there is an offer on, it's cheaper then buying singles by far.

- Hygienic.
- Great for families in flats.
- Easy to use.

- New cassettes can be bit of a blow on your budget.
- No way of knowing when cassette is nearly empty.

And our judges are discussing this product at large, but we do have the scores...

Baby Al's Rating: 7/10
Petit Mom's Rating: 5/10

I think Baby Al is just happy to have the dirty nappy. Maybe he'd think otherwise if he had to bin his smelly nappies!


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