Thursday, 27 January 2011

Your Pram isn't Intelligent - Road Safety

Ever since I moved into the hussle and bussle of city life in West Midlands I noticed something that just set alarm bells ringing in my mind, and these bells got louder when I was pregnant. All day long I would see mums with little children or with pushchairs walking across the road, ignoring the fact the man is red and the traffic light is green. What happens? Cars are forced to slam on their breaks and horn honking is heard for miles as suddenly there's a jam all because some woman couldn't be bothered to press the button and wait. Why do mums do this?

Do any of you remember this?

Okay I don't remember this exact advert (It's from 1975 and I was born 1986) but what I am trying to say is... Green Cross Code, do you remember it? The whole "Stop, Look, Listen" and that you should keep looking both ways whilst crossing. Sounds simple, right?

Apparently not as I see no one do this, even adults without kids they just walk onto the road and some don't even look up from the ground or away from their phone as they are far too busy texting. It's insane, stupid and... okay I admit that this is a pet hate of mine! I just cannot get my head around people who think road safety is something we should just not bother with, specially when it involves a child that you are caring for. I mean for goodness sake I saw two mums on Tuesday, one of them pushed her pram into oncoming traffic and nearly got hit by a bus and her response was nothing as she just kept walking. The other was holding the hand of a toddler and didn't look up from the ground, not seeing a double decker coming and had to come to a sudden stop of which many of the passengers and the driver were not happy about. And yet both these women didn't bat an eyelid to what could have happened. Heck I even shouted "Don't cross!" to one of them and she just blanked me. My heart was racing for that poor little child that would have been first hit by the bus.

As for me... I'm doing my bit to bring back The Code. My son will be taught to Stop, Look and Listen before crossing and when at a set of lights he will be told to press the button, wait and go when the green man shows, but to still look both ways.

Stay Safe!


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