Monday, 28 February 2011

25 Things For 2011!

So I'm turning 25 years old this week and decided to list what I hope to achieve for 2011, or at the very least until my next birthday.

1. Earn money either at home or by getting a job.
2. Publish an E-Book before the year ends.
3. Achieve 500+ readers for Petit Mom.
4. Sort out my wardrobe!
5. Work on my other blog.
6. Save money up for my wedding.
7. Get my hair cut, styled and coloured at the local college salon.
8. Go to the college beauty therapists and enjoy a nice massage.
9. Own a vacuum cleaner! - DONE!
10. Have a professional photoshoot and makeover.
11. Recycle more often.
12. Put money away every month for Alex's Birthday/Christmas.
13. Wear make-up and jewellery more often.
14. Get Baby Al off the dummie at Christmas 2011.
15. Help raise £2,000 for the local hospital's maternity ward.
16. Take a walk around the park at least once a month for an hour.
17. Buy more often via KidStart.
18. Get more organised!
19. Read more often to Baby Al.
20. See more comedians live on stage.
21. Complete 5 games from start to finish.
23. Put money in my savings account more often.
24. Take more photographs and get back into photography.
25. Go to more events and shows such as The Baby Show.


Veronica Lee said...

Hi! Stopping by from MBC. Great blog.
Have a nice day!

Circus Queen said...

I am constantly writing lists like this on bits of paper, then leaving them in the couch. My husband finds them and I feel embarrassed because I haven't made a start on any of the things listed. Yours is a worthy list but how on earth do you get by without a vacuum cleaner?

Helen said...

We use a brush and a dust buster but it's dying on us and it's not really made to clean every floor in our flat.

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