Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Getting Fit for Charity

I am a lucky lady who got away from stretch marks, the baby weight and even before giving birth I was lucky enough to get myself into size eight clothes. I bet a bunch of you now are thinking how much you hate me, right? I don't blame you if you are! And what I actually hate the most is when other women ask me for advice on how I lost my baby weight and what I used to rid my body of stretch marks because I haven't got a clue, it just... happened!

However a few days ago I was out of trousers to wear (Baby Al had been sick on one pair and the other was peed on!) and found my size eight jeans were clean and dry. I pulled them up and... oh dear. It would appear a spaceship landed on my bum and has formed a new world on it. Okay that's a lie it's just my butt is bigger then it use to be and it hit my rather hard. I'm getting older and my body isn't all what it use to be. My waist has started to go from firm to jelly-like blob that now hangs out. It's time to get sorted before it gets out of hand.

I had a great birth experience at my local Hospital's Maternity Ward and I want to help other women enjoy a good birth like I did. So I brainstormed and even had nights where I could not sleep as my brain was constantly coming up with ideas. I met up with the Ward Manager and she was very happy hearing my ideas and how I want to help out. Their main issue that gets brought up most of all is the ward looks outdated. My room was filled with rosey walls that I can only imagine being in an old people's home. I can understand why simple things like keeping a department looking nice can affect how you feel, specially when you have to spend days in one room that looks stuck in a time warp. So I'm going to be making New Mummy Hampers as a prize which will raise some money for the ward and also help parents start off life with their new baby. My other idea is I want to run a sponsored Buggy Walk. I haven't done a sponsored walk since I was a little girl and walked over and Humber Bridge twice for Comic Relief (we were all dressed up as a member of the Spice Girls). I think I need to get some exercise done as it's been... a while!

Currently I have been donated comforters from Little Lilypad, a FlexiBath and some organic baby wipes from  So Organic. If you would like to help donate towards our hampers to raise money for Walsall Manor Hospital's Maternity Ward then check out The Walsall Mum or contact me.

I'll keep you all up-to-date with how things are going. My mind is still full of ideas and being super creative, it just won't stop! Really hope I can help make a difference.


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