Thursday, 24 February 2011

Review: Splash n Bump's Bath Bumper Set

Bath time is great. It's part of our bed time routine and can be a fun way to get rid of that last bit of energy just before bed. Of course bath time can also be a scary time for parents as babies can easily fall. So when we got asked by Splash n Bump to review their Bath Bumper Set we jumped at the chance! Here is what we thought of them.

Baby Al has been having regular baths as part of his bed time routine since he was 3 months old. We started using our bathroom sink at first as it just felt safer when he was so tiny! He outgrew the sink and soon he could sit on his own and enjoyed a baby bath. Now he's a bit squashed in this and so we moved him up to the big bath. Out came the Bath Bumpers!

The Bumpers stick onto the bath with great ease and each bumper comes with an aquatic shaped sponge. These are great fun as far as Baby Al is concerned. They help teach hand-eye co-ordination as your little one learns to take the colourful and fun looking sponges out from the bumpers and back in. It's also a good way to learn hygiene as the sponges can be used to clean your little one, thus making washing them more fun and teaching them it can be enjoyable to go in the bath.

The only negative I've had so far, and believe me finding any issues with this product was very hard, is the sponges could be a bit softer and thicker. My son was able to bite the poor innocent Starfish and took a small bit of sponge out from one of it's arms.

- Colourful sponges to play with and use.
- Makes the transaction to big bath safer.
- Easy to use and suits all sorts of baths.

- Sponges could do with being a bit softer and thicker.

It was actually hard to find a problem with this product really and our judges came to an agreement very quickly.

Baby Al's Rating: 10/10
Petit Mom's Rating: 9.5/10

You can buy this product on Amazon for £24.99.

This is most certainly one of the best products we have tested. Well done to Splash n Bump!

This product was kindly provided by Splash n Bump.


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