Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Bath Tub is the New Potty

I never thought I'd make a blog entry about such a thing but it's true. Our son seems to like to poo in the bath tub, usually just after he's been washed and is about to be picked up and wrapped into a nice warm towel.

A grunt will echo in our bathroom. Oh joy, it's a nice big one too but what can we do apart from rush around like headless chickens, wondering what on earth we are going to do and at the same time finding this whole thing amusing. I know, we're so immature that even as parents we are laughing at poo plopping into a bath of water. Every time we hear the first grunt Daddy grabs the Mamas & Papas Mr Turtle and scoops up all the bath toys and removes any sponges. But then we are lost as to what step to take next. If we remove him from the bath he may just end up dropping one on the floor. And if we move him where are we going to put him? We don't have a potty yet as he's a little young for that and using a nappy seems a bit of a waste. So we just end up standing him on the side of the bath so his belly is stretched out and let him do his business then clean up afterwards.

Thing is this hasn't happened once, not twice... three times he has done this in under a week! I know he's not very well but what the heck is this all about? He always has a bath at 7pm but apparently this now coincides with Poop time. Perhaps we should bath him at 7:30pm instead to allow him to abuse the nappy and not or poor innocent bath.

So have you ever had the 'pleasure' of bath poop? Or am I about to find out that my son is one of a rare species of babies who enjoy doing this to their parents?


Laura Nelson said...

My friends little girl seems to do this every time she goes in the bath now! She doesn't know why though.

Maybe when you hear him grunt you should sit him on the edge of the toilet and hold him there until he does his business, maybe a quick way to get him potty trained? Take advantage whilst you can!

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