Thursday, 10 March 2011

Giving Birth: Why I'd Do it Again!

Anyone who has read my birth experience post will know it was a good one with only minor issues. Many women are put off giving birth, but for me I'd happily do it again and again! Here are my reasons why.

- Being pregnant made my hair look fab and my skin feel lovely!
- I got some lovely compliments about my skin, self-esteem would rise from this.
- I felt closer to my fiancé, though he probably suffered the brunt of any mood swings I had (sorry, sweetie!).
- The rush of joy and happiness when they handed me my baby was amazing.
- You get to buy cute baby clothes, that's a positive in my eyes!
- I go outside much more then I use to (I was one of those "eeepp sunlight!" types.) and I actually like it.
- I can talk to myself in shops, everyone thinks I'm just chatting to my son and not being weird!
- I can look and buy toys without people thinking I'm an adult that needs to grow up (I'm a fan of Gran & Granddad's Mega Blocks).
- Watching my son grow up does make me a tad broody.
- I actually felt good about myself even when I had a massive bump!

Of course there are downsides that I went through. Such as...

- My feet were sore and sometimes would swell up.
- Morning sickness!
- I missed being able to wear my normal jeans.
- My lovely hair fell out after giving birth. Noooo!
- I have a huge collection of baby clothes that no longer fit (but they are too cute to bin!).
- Baby poo.... I still can't stand the smell of a poo filled nappy.

But those don't put me off, okay the last one does a tiny bit but it's only for a while until they are potty trained so I think I can live with something that isn't going to be a problem all the time.


Beth. said...

Love this post, it's so positive and really great to hear.
I'm in the process of writing my birth experience/story to get it out of my system/onto paper & I hope in time I might feel like you do about it & pregnancy in general xx

Lorry said...

The only good thing I have to say about either of my pregnancies or births is that I got my daughters out of it. But that's a REALLY good thing. :) They were worth it.

mamapook said...

Lovely post! Im slightly concerned i may be one of those people who will forever think one more baby wont hurt :) I enjoy the experience of pregnancy birth and raising a baby/ child so much! My eldest starts school soon and it seems crazy how fast the time has gone but makes me feel so proud that i brought such an amazing little lady into the world :)

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