Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Hop onto the Blog Bus!!!

Yes we shall be hosting our own blog hop called The Blog Bus!

All Aboard The Blog Bus!!!

Here you can post a link to your blog or one of your latest blog posts. If you find a blog you enjoy then please comment on their blog saying that you found them via The Blog Bus on Petit Mom. It's a great way for you to find new blogs to read and also get new readers for your blog as well!

There's no real rules on what sort of things you can post on the Blog Bus, we just ask that they are related to parents in some way. There are no limits, you can post a link straight to your blog's main page or you can link to a specific entry that you may want people to check out. Once you have put your blog onto the Blog Bus please help by RT-ing any tweets I make about the Blog Bus or by simply tweeting about Petit Mom's Blog Bus (Psst... You can use the wibiya bar at the bottom of your browser to help share). The more the merrier, right?!

Hoping to do this every Wednesday so keep your eyes open! Remember you can subscribe to Petit Mom to keep up to date on all our latest updates and remind you of our next Blog Bus!

Okay that's all I have to say... go post your link now and check out some great entries!


Laura Nelson said...

Brilliant idea, I hope it all goes well for you :)

I've posted up the Silent Sunday post of Logan in hope that people will think a bit more of saftey.

overthehillmum said...

I've left a link :)
Can I be the one with the purple hair on the bus lol

Zuma the Dog said...

Think is is great. Would also love for you to review my clothing brand zuma the dog. You can message me through FB. search samantha morgan bertish.

Helen said...

Hi Samantha! If you can contact me via email my address is mewski AT gmail DOT com :)

Anonymous said...

Great idea, cant wait to find new blogs to enjoy! xx

Circus Queen said...

I've hopped aboard and am eyeing up the other passengers (in the nicest way).

Karen Green said...

This is a great idea for finding new blogs. I have only been doing this since January so am always interested in reading other peoples x

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