Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Review: Flexibath

Have you ever noticed how big babies baths are and how troublesome they are to store away? We live in a small 2 bed flat where space is very important to us so when Flexibath contacted me about doing a review it seemed like the perfect product for us to try out.

The Flexibath is easy to open up and easy to put down. The rubbery sections to it means there's no cracks for water to leak out and also makes folding it simple to do. I opened ours and straight away putting it up was as a breeze, so I cannot fault them there! It's a decent size and the bottom of the bath isn't slippery so Baby Al had no problems sitting inside it and if he moved around he didn't find himself slipping. We felt at ease with him in this bath and the plug made taking the water out of it straightforward.

The main issue I have with it has to be the plug. For one doesn't really need a plug as you can just tip the water out, but the plug if used is very hard to get back in. Another issue is that the cost of £29.95 and to me that is a bit too much. Although it is a space saver and unique design to the baby bath area I don't think I'd pay more than £20 for a baby bath.

Well it looks like our judges have come to a conclusion. Here are their scores.

Baby Al's Rating: 8/10
Petit Mom's Rating: 8/10

I say it's a great idea and with it's fantastic range of colours it's not only a space saver but also makes bath time a bit more fun. It's just a shame the price is a bit more then what we'd like to pay.


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