Thursday, 14 April 2011

Review: Bum Deal Cloth Nappies

Ever thought about going cloth but are unsure what to buy or the mess that is involved? I was the same and have become a cloth nappy user. Bum Deal Nappies asked me if I'd like to review their products so here's our thoughts on their nappy range.

I fell in love with their assortment of nappies and adore the Undercover nappy for little boys. Each nappy you buy from them you get two microfibre inserts. Washing them isn't hard at all and I actually found I didn't need to remove the insert as it would come out during the wash cycle every single time. When it comes to solid poo all you have to do is shake it out into the toilet and pop the soiled nappy into the wash. I found with a soiled nappy putting it on a 60 got all the stains out and would also make sure it was clean of any nasty stuff that may make your child ill. The Bum Deal Nappies are all-in-one size which poppers so you can make it fit your child from day one all the way up to toddler age. The poppers are strong so tricky for little ones to pull them off, but not so hard for parents to use. I hear many stories of toddlers removing their nappies because they are easy to rip off, but these will be tricky to take off, least for your little one to remove that is!

As for how long this nappy lasted me I found Baby Al could wear it for 2-4 hours. As the weather has picked up he has been drinking more so nappies have needed to be changed more often, but so far only had one accident with this nappy and that was from drinking lots and wearing it for 4 hours so I think I am to blame there!

Cloth nappies are also kind to your baby's bottom. I have found Baby Al to suffer less with rashes now that I use them more often. And with the Bum Deal Nappies the soft mink fabric makes you just want to stroke it all day! Of course that may seem weird that you are stroking your child's bottom but really they are very soft and stay soft for a good long time. You can get plain nappies also but I like the mink fabric.

Negatives? There is only one slit for you to put the insert through and I found having a nappy with two slits made putting the insert in properly a lot easier.

The price is only £6.45 and you can get booster inserts for just £2.00. Surely you can't say no to such a great price like that?! Check their website out at:

- Cheap!
- Loads of great looking nappies.
- Easy to clean.
- Simple to use.

- Only 1 slit for insert which makes putting it in a bit tricky.

So what do our judges say to this nappy? Let's find out...

Baby Al's Rating: 8/10
Petit Mom's Rating: 8/10

We both agree that they are easy to use and I love how I don't need to remove the smelly insert, but getting the insert in properly isn't as easy as other cloth nappies I have used before.


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