Sunday, 29 May 2011

Morning Sickness... Boy or Girl?

I've been pregnant twice and first time I didn't really suffer with any morning sickness, however with my son I suffered badly in the first trimester. I remember going for my first scan and feeling like I was going to be sick as we went back to the car (I wasn't but when we got home I soon got my head into a bucket!) so I wondered if the old myth on morning sickness was in any way true. Do you suffer badly for a boy compared to a girl or did you suffer badly when you were pregnant with a girl and not so much with a boy? Or maybe like me you didn't suffer at all in your first pregnancy and was rushing to the nearest sink or bucket for your second/third/forth?

We are told that eating certain types of food can help reduce morning sickness, I listened to my doctors and midwives on all this and it didn't stop until I hit the seconds trimester when it just stopped and I didn't realise until about a month of not being sick. I guess I just got use to being sick every single day that it became the norm for me.

I'd love to hear what other mothers suffered. I know that probably sounds gross that I have some weird interest in how badly you all threw up and such, I'm mostly interested in seeing if there is any sort of relation with morning sickness and the baby.


I Heart Motherhood said...

i had slight queasiness with my first (a girl) - but no actual throwing up. And with this pregnancy (a boy) I had no sickness whatsoever but about 10 days of bad morning headaches. So I think I got off lightly by the sounds of it. I also find it interesting the way people talk about how you carry the different sexes differently! I get told all the time - oh that's a really typical boy bump - when I don't actually think I look much different this time to when I had a girl bump!

Lorry said...

There was a Swedish study that found a very small correlation between very bad morning sickness (like the kind you get hospitalized for) and it being a girl. There were slightly more girls from the sick ladies. It wasn't a very impressive result, though!

I have two girls and I was not hospitalized, but I was miserable both times. It didn't feel the same, but there was a lot of puking, prenatal depression, and food aversions both times. I lost a ton of weight. With my first, it went away when I hit the second tri, but it persisted with my second. It let up a bit but never really stopped.

Bloggomy said...

I have had 4 children and I was bad with the first (a boy) and really bad with the last (went way past the usual 20 weeks) this was also a boy. Saying that I have experienced it when pregnant with a girl to a far lesser degree, so don't know its an exact science....xx

Hayley said...

I've been pregnant 3 times, 1m/c, with all of them I have spent the first 12 weeks (or 10 wiht my m/c) feeling like I needed to be sick but never actually throwing up. Maybe I'm just lucky! 1 & 3 were both boys and 2 I will never know!

Michelle Twin Mum said...

I had all day feeling sick with my boy until about 20 weeks but rarely actually being sick.

With the girl twins it was much less, just some queasyness at the beginning.

NO idea if it was a fluke or what! lol

Mich x

candace said...

My 1st was a boy, and boy did I get sick from my 3rd month until about my 6th month. For some reason I would get sick if I ate mashed potatoes or an italian food, and my son is part italian which I thought was odd. Who really knows what makes us get sick when were pregnant?

Beth. said...

I spent 26 weeks vomiting whenever I even thought about eating! Especially bad when on public transport or working for some reason...only had the one pregnancy and she is a she :).
Was throwing up intermittently til the very end but it was literally constant for 26 weeks and I was prescribed metoclopramide which helped a bit!

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