Monday, 9 May 2011

Reasons to be Cheerful - Week 16 & 17

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy with a Heart

I missed last week so here's 6 reasons!

1. My Little Artist.
After seeing Alex try his hand at drawing at Cradle Club for the Royal Wedding I decided to get him some chunky crayons. He loves it! I'm now a proud parent with lots of scribble drawings... maybe not for the fridge door yet!

2. Baby Ducks!
Finally there are baby ducks in the lake. Sadly the moment I went out to see them I have since been suffering with hayfever, but they were worth going out to see!

3. Sunshine!
It continued to shine! Although I am glad it did rain a little in the end as I think it was needed.

4. Seeing Family.
We drove to my parents' for the weekend. It may have rained whilst we were there but it's still nice to see them and get away from the city. Alex loves crawling around for hours and will happily crawl up and down the hallway all day!

5. The iPad!
We have an iPad! This now means I can FaceTime myself... okay not the best use of my time but must say the iPad is awesome. I just need Office on it and I'd probably never turn my PC on.

6. Brew Drinking Thinkings.
Been doing a lot of work over at Brew Drinking Thinkings, this includes Real Nappy Week special. I'm super excited about it so I suggest you go and also enter our great Baby Show competition.


Anonymous said...

Those drawing are definitely to keep. I have hundreds of them from when Amy was little. Make sure you date them all.

CJ xx

Ant said...

I've kept his 1st drawing cos it's so special. He also drew for his Gran and Grandad on the weekend for them to keep :)

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