Friday, 3 June 2011

When is Your Baby No Longer a Baby?

Just 5 hours old.
I had pondered for a while as to when you start to call your baby a 'Toddler' rather than 'Baby' and ignored this simply because everyone else calls my son a baby. But today it hit me in the face hard and actually made me rather sad.

When is your baby no longer a baby? When you realise all the clothes in the baby section of the store are too small and you are now having to look into the girls/boys clothes section.

I was out buying some new clothes for my boy today as he has out grown a lot of his stuff and the weather has finally become more summer-like. I found myself in the little boy's section of Asda Living buying shorts for the first time. Tesco was no different, I wandered around the baby clothes but it dawned on me... he was not a baby anymore.

13 months old and reorganising his clothes.
Of course he will always be our little boy, whether he's crawling around going "baba" or when he's six foot tall and moving into his own pad.

So when did you realise your child was no longer a baby? Do you think 'Toddler' is when they start to crawl or walk or something else?


Anonymous said...

My son is 14 months and I'm going through the same wrench. To me, he's just a little baby, but he's running around, destroying everything in sight, and chatting away (mostly dadadada etc) and generally being very toddler like. But what's really brought it home is seeing other, smaller babies. That really makes me think, wow, look how far we've come in a year.

I have to say though, I love this bit far more than the little baby stage, so much more fun!

Kriemhild said...

I still call my 17 month old son a baby. Apparently he stopped being one when he turned 11 months and started walking, but I think he's a baby until he's three....or thirty we'll see!

geekmummy said...

I still call my three and a half year old "baby girl", but that's more a term of endearment. I do still call her a toddler though, as I can't get the hang of calling her a "pre-schooler"!

I think in some way my son will always be my baby boy, but in general I refer to them as toddlers when they start walking.

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