Monday, 18 July 2011

Ebay - Goodbye Baby Clothes

I do like to reuse clothes and have kept some of my son's outfits that mean something to me or I know could be used again when we have another child or if a family member wants some cute boy outfits. But we are seeing ourselves with huge bags of clothes that are taking far too much room and seems unfair to ask Grandparents to use their attic space just to keep tons of baby clothes.

So this weekend I found a few that I figured should go on Ebay. Some never got worn as I totally forgot about them! I think in the future you will be seeing lots of baby shoes on my Ebay account. I love his Clarks shoes but they won't last long and would rather anything that isn't too badly damaged gets used by another family who might be like us and can't afford to keep buying brand new stuff all the time.

Do check my Ebay account out... please?


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