Friday, 29 July 2011

Fellow Mummy Bloggers... Stop Bitching!

Okay for a few months I have heard from fellow bloggers nasty comments about other bloggers and just taken the usual neutral stand. I don't see the point in bitching back as to me I have matured from those days of an immature and selfish monster that my poor parents had to live with until I moved out. But this week has been awful and I'm sick of it to the point I actually felt like giving up being a mummy blogger and finding myself a new hobby.

I wish I was her sometimes.
I have stuck to my guns and refuse to let immature and childish drama stop me from doing what I enjoy. Normally I just give up very easily when something hits me but for once I've found something I'm not that bad at (I'm not amazing but who is!) and to be honest these nasty remarks flying around between women and bloggers is just another form of bullying and you know how I feel about bullying. I have a deep hatred for bullies that has been bottled up for many years and only came out as tears but really what I feel is anger and disgust because the bullies nearly always get their way. No more.

Please, fellow bloggers, stop bitching about one another, stop slagging others off behind closed doors, stop trying to stir something up just because you can. These are things you'd expect to find in the playground and not from adults. If you don't like someone's blogging style then guess what... you don't have to read it! Not hard, right? And as for opinions and such, sometimes people will criticise your work, take good criticise on and perhaps work on it. If someone says about your spelling errors then instead of telling the world they are some sort of Grammar Nazi how about you just ask your partner or a friend to read over your posts before you submit them?

Thanks for reading and please comment with your opinions as I gladly accept these.


Melaina25 said...

Feminist need to stick together and support one another. Sure everyone can use constructive criticism, but there is a difference between critique and just being hateful. By tearing each other down we are just reinforcing negative stereotypes and giving patriarchy the upper hand.

Write Now said...

I agree wholeheartedly with Melaina and with you. I find the whole woman vs. woman, artificial battles thing exhausting and soul-destroying. We need our connections with each other, especially when we are at home with small people and lacking adult contact-- blogging is definitely a way to restore the balance, and then when it turns into a bitchfest!! What a load of wasted opportunities for connection! ARGH. Don't even get me started.

Write Now said...

PS- I love your cartoony (under)pants/nappies/diapers at the top of your blog page.

Caron said...

Men can be just as cruel & bitchy & bullying. People behave appallingly on the Internet, often demeaning people in a way that they never would in real life.

A good debate has respect mixed in with robust disagreement. I have no issue with my beliefs being challenged & challenging others but it can be done without hurling abuse.

Imhave some strong views against regime orientated parenting methods as I feel there is a growing body of evidence indicating they can cause harm to the kids as well as the fact that they disempower women. However, there are ways of framing the debate which don't involve calling women who have made different choices names.

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