Monday, 4 July 2011

Small Steps

Sorry I have been so quiet but I thought I'd show you a short video to explain what's been happening to the Petit Household.

Moved everything around so we can now see outside from one of our balcony doors and Alex loves to stand infront of it and watch all the cars and buses go by. It also is a lot better for him to crawl and walk around now. I know in the video it looks a mess but that's always the case when a little one is awake... toys will be EVERYWHERE until they go to bed - even then we always end up finding a run-away Mega Blok somewhere.

I guess I should start looking at reins soon as I want him to be able to walk outside with me without the fear of him rushing off into a busy road, he's more confident walking on his own then he is being held one handed by us.


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