Friday, 15 July 2011

Wedding - Did I Just Buy A Dress?!

I'm lucky to live very close to the town centre and this also includes a wedding outlet store that sells lots of expensive dresses for amazing sale prices. Every now and then I see a dress, dream of myself wearing it and then the next time I walk past it has gone. But for a month now a certain dress has been in the window of the store that I same myself in and when I noticed it hadn't been sold yet I knew it was calling for me.

I was able to try it on the next day and apart from my usual problems (I'm petite so I'm always expecting straps to be shortened and my bust isn't massive either) the dress looked lovely on me. Of course I didn't want to make a mistake so I tried another dress that I liked the look of but the shape made me look like a stick with a head attached. I just knew the dress I had been looking at in the shop window for so long was the one for me... so I bought it!

Yes I know, how crazy am I? I must have been in that shop for at the very most 25 minutes and only tried a total of 2 wedding dresses. I still can't believe I just did it and paid the full price without any fear at all.

Naturally I shall not be showing any pictures of the dress, mostly because my fiancé reads my blog and he's not allowed to see it, but also I want you all to guess what I have picked... I like to leave you all pondering!

I believe most women pick a venue first and then the other bits like flowers and dress, but I seem to have gone the opposite way around as I still have no clue where or when we'll get married!

Wish me luck!


Janet said...

now I want to see! bah! go you though!

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