Monday, 31 October 2011

Children In Need - We're Doing Our Bit!

When I say "we" I guess what I really mean is my fiancé is doing his bit, I'm just pimping him out to help get to his target of £200.

No helmet can hold back the hair!

For the last 12 years my fiancé has had long hair, longer than mine has ever been. He has had a few trims to tidy it up once every blue moon (read: very rarely) but lately he has been saying to me that he's fed up of his long hair. He also wanted to do something for Children In Need this year and his Twitter fan-base and friends seemed to all agree on the idea of shaving all his hair off... so that's what he's going to do!

Bestest Daddy Ever...est!

Please help him raise £200 on his JustGiving Page for Children in Need, every little helps so even if you just donate £1 it's still £1 closer to his target. He also has a blog too called Geneseed.


Anonymous said...

That is really gd. Will see what I can do

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