Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Review: Mamajewels

Babies love to munch on your favourite necklace, no matter how cheap or expensive it may have been it still looks very tasty to them. Most women stop wearing jewellery after having a baby but Mama Jewels have designed some lovely necklaces and bracelets that are baby-friendly.

Amanda Waring is the founder of Mama Jewels and noticed at one of her baby groups a trend, not only that but she found herself no longer wearing her own jewellery when in 2006 her son was born. "I looked around the baby group and realised that most of the mums, like me had stopped wearing jewellery, when I asked why they said ‘Our children keep breaking our jewellery so we just had to stop wearing it’ That was the moment I decided to design a necklace that a baby can’t break, can be washed, sterilised and is completely non-toxic for when babies chomp on it,  but still looks gorgeous." And so Mama Jewels was born!

As I said in an older blog post not long ago that I use to make jewellery too and suddenly I could no longer wear any necklaces around my son as he'd try sucking or chewing on them. But having tried the Mama Jewels necklaces not only does he happily try and nibble on the large non-toxic heart shaped pendant but he also likes to take it off me and try and wear it himself. He has yet to master how you put it on properly and instead wears it more like a scarf of a shoulder bag, very cute I must admit. And with the abuse he has given this necklace I have yet to see a single bit of damage. It's easy to wipe the beads down and you can just cold sterilise it without worrying about any problems and the nasty germs will gone and ready to be worn and played with again and again.

They have some brand new Winter 2011 products out at the moment and are perfect gift for a new mum or mum-to-be. I like the Mimi Baby-proof Necklace as it's simple, cute and looks good with most outfits... and it's baby-friendly!

So what do our judges think...

Petit Mom's Rating: 9/10
Petit Boy's Rating: 10/10

Beautiful packaging, my only tiny issue is some of the products are a little bit expensive, but there are some very nice ones on their website which won't damage the wallet.

Disclosure: I received a Mama Jewels necklaces as part of this review. All opinions are my own.

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