Monday, 7 November 2011

A Secret to High Heels?

It's not secret that I'm a short lady (hint in the blog name) and I must admit I don't fully embrace my height as well I probably should. I love fashion but with lack of money and my body size I simply just wear whatever I can afford that will fit... sort of. One of the things I would love to wear are high heels but having spent all my life wearing trainers and flats my feet are just too soft and sensitive for the likes of pretty heels. Or are they?

I may be a bit of a geek, but I love alternative fashion and I love feeling good about myself. This includes being able to wear pretty shoes and so far have yet to do this without pretending the tears dripping down my face are because I bit my tongue when really it's because I've gained at least one blister or each foot within the first hour of putting them on. What am I doing wrong, ladies? I'm a UK size 5 and have rather slim feet. I've tried all sorts of brands and even insoles to help, but no matter what I always find myself with blisters and very sore.  Also how do you walk with them? Infact how do you walk with them on whilst pushing a pushchair around town? I just can't master the skill of high heel shoes or even boots for that matter!

Tell me your shoe secrets... help a 5'2" young lady feel a few inches taller minus the unhappy feet.
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