Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Eye Test Results

As some of you will know Petit Boy has a squint in his left eye. In most of his photographs you can see that his left eye has gone inward whilst his right eye is fine. This has been cause for concern for a long time now and today we finally got to see someone who could tell us what on earth was going on and what can be done.

We got in half an hour early, which was a bonus because we got seen a few minutes after signing ourselves as being here. The lady checked his sight and then the nasty part happened... eye drops were put into both eyes. We needed to wait about 20 minutes for the eye drops to do their magic so the specialist consultant can look into his eyes and the drops will show under the light what exactly is wrong. During the wait we were told could wander around for a bit so we popped opposite the department to play on the children's wooden train.

Time flew by and now was told to see what was going on. Out came the lenses and lights and in came a nurse who had to help hold Petit Boy still. She held his head straight and I had to hold his arms down. You can probably guess how much a 19 month old toddler enjoy this... not a lot! He was fine when they checked his right eye, very calm infact. The moment they went to look into his left eye he was wriggling about and screaming. So after this we got the answer.... glasses. He's very long sighted (can't see things up close) and consultant said that's very strange as he's not even 2 years old yet and also it's worse than they tend to see in children who have this problem. Surgery won't be required but by the age of 5 years old if he's having problems in school (kids are mean) they are happy to fix the eye for cosmetic reasons.

So some time in 4-6 weeks we should be back in the hospital getting glass sorted out and then finally we shall be owners of some very little glasses. I'm relieved to have got some answers, now I just want the glasses to be sorted and hope for the best.

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