Saturday, 17 December 2011

Winter and Depression

Winter has always been a season that really gets me down and being someone who suffers with depression it gets me very down. I find myself tired, sad, weepy, sometimes snappy and tend to lose my appetite as well. I'd rather just hide in bed all day until Spring arrives.

I'm thankful that I have a very understanding partner who has been very co-operative with me and my depression and does what he can to cheer me up. I hope he knows that what he does actually makes a difference, even if sometimes it may not seem like it but really it does. A few days ago he came home from work with flowers and I felt so much better when he did.

What I am trying to say in this blog post is that depression sucks, and one of the best things you can do is talk about it to your loved ones and for them to be understanding. Over the years I've noticed how doctors take depression far more seriously then did when I was a teenager, they just threw me a pack of anti-depressants and sent me on my way. Now I have to go to see my GP once every 3 months and every so often fill in a survey to give them an idea on how I'm doing as well as speak to the doctor about any issues I may be having. It's great they are concerned so much and are doing a lot to help people with depression no matter who you are or what type of depression it may be.

To cut this rather random post short... we should all just eat a buttload of food, get super fat then get into a cosy bed and sleep until Spring. Okay sure you miss Christmas, I'm sure we can move it or something but these mammals out there have the right idea in hibernating! Screw you, Winter. I'm gonna pack on the fat and sleep until you go away.

Note: I'm not going to, I'm lazy but christ even I couldn't sleep for that long. I mean I'd miss my favourite TV shows for starters and this blog would be left dead for a whole season. I'll just stick to warm cups of tea until hibernation becomes law.
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