Thursday, 19 January 2012

Eyes - The Galley

Seeing this week's galley prompt made me join in the fun. I hope to do this more often! Petit Boy has got a lazy left eye, infact it's very bad for a little one of his age that he's been given an appointment to get some glasses specially made to help fix his sight. Because of this eye not working properly he is very badly long sighted, which means he can see far away but close up he has problems. It explains why he hates things close to his face so much! His dad not only has a lazy left eye but is also partly blind in it as well (Petit Boy isn't blind which is least some relief) and his Auntie and Nan also have a lazy eye too. There's different types of lazy eye. If the muscle isn't working right they usually can help with surgery. However most of the time surgery is just to help look "normal" and doesn't tend to fix the sight in that eye.

I wear glasses because I'm short sighted, meaning I can't see far away. Actually my sight is so bad anything past my nose is blurry for me, though it has been slowing down over the last few years and think its been getting better. I'm one of the few in my family who wear glasses all day as anyone else who uses glasses is only long sighted and thus wear them to read! Why not check out the Gallery or join in? You can find more blog posts on this week's theme over at Sticky Fingers.

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