Monday, 16 January 2012

New Years Resolutions

Normally people think these over before the new year comes around, however I'm disorganised and have the memory even goldfish laugh at. I've been pondering this over for a long time now and it partly why I haven't blogged in so long (I have other reason too, I'll talk about those some other time) but now I have some sort of conclusion as to what my resolutions are.

Get Married
Well this is pretty much set in stone now. I've already paid the deposit to the registry office and the venue so can't really back down now. On 29th July 2012 I shall be a wife. I'm excited mostly because it makes us more of a family. I saw no reason for Petit Boy not to have his dad's surname so that just leaves me out. When I was a teenager I use to think I was abandoning my family when came to getting married and changing my surname, but now I just feel like we'll be together. Sounds daft, but it's just how I feel for some reason.

Go Abroad
Hopefully this has already been sorted as sister-in-law is getting married abroad. Our flights have been changed to an annoying time but we'll figure a way around that and somehow may out 9am flight from Manchester in time. Guess we need to get a hotel room or something, doh!

Tone Up
Okay I have to admit that my body isn't looking great as of late. My bum has grown outward and my belly is wobbly and jelly-like. It's not nice when I jump and all I feel is my butt and my belly flab in some sort of time delay wobble until gravity goes "okay I've had my bit of fun with her" and lets my jiggly bits stop jiggling. We bought Your Shape: Fitness Evolved 2012 to help both of us get fit for our wedding day and after. I'm not really looking to lose much in the way of weight, I just need to tone myself up which is why I've picked a routine suitable for this. Let's hope I see some changes!

Be Crafty
I haven't been very artistic in a long time and lately I've felt the desire to be crafty. Perhaps I can blog about some of the crafts I do and make but we shall see. It also may be handy for our wedding as got to save money in every way possible.

Get Closer to Family
A while ago I blogged about my brother and how I really want to be more of a sister to him and him a brother to me. Well I'm making this a Resolution for 2012 to do that! It was his birthday this month so sent him a card, along with a card from Petit Boy as well. He's also gone and bought himself an iPad with his birthday money, perhaps we can now talk via iMessage and Face Time and keep in touch more? We shall see.

Become Self-Employed or Get A Job
Either really, though swaying towards self-employed. Things have been bad in the job searching department, though I have been applying when I see something that I know I can do. Today I saw loads saying you need a car, which I don't have and I do not have the money to buy one, so those sorts of jobs go in the bin. Lets just hope I get something this year.

Wish me luck!
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