Monday, 23 January 2012

Photography Bug

I have been a huge fan of photography since I can remember. Infact the very camera I use to borrow (read: take without asking) from my dad is still around and every time I come up I want to take it out for a spin, but sadly it needs a new battery which isn't cheap and it's a film camera as well which I haven't used since my days in college.

This week I'm borrowing (you'd think I would ask if I could use it first after all these years) my parents' new digital camera. It's a Luminx with a 12x optical zoom and I love that I can take some fantastic close-ups and not have to be super close. I enjoy taking pictures of wild life but have you tried taking a camera out and kneeling up close to a squirrel or a blackbird? They don't take kindly to it and usually flee so I love a good zoom.

I love sunsets the most, I find them easier to photograph on my iPhone at the moment than a compact camera, but soon I shall have my very on SLR and I cannot wait! I have always loved photography and I really miss taking pictures and snapping some special moments that look better than crappy iPhone shots.
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