Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Nights Are My Personal Hell

I'm writing this on my iPhone in bed trying to sleep but my eyes won't stay shut, my brain won't turn off and oh my god I have this annoying song stuck in my head that won't leave me alone.

Lately night times have become my own personal Hell. My partner will fall asleep quickly and begin to snore and I am sandwiched with him on my right and a wall on my left (our bed is against a wall so I can't even leave the bed without disturbing him). My brain decides to go into crazy mode and tunes from television shows will loop in my head, my brain will remind me of things I need to do and I'm left here laying on my side playing games on my iPhone just to keep me sane. Sorry but after 3 hours of Numberjacks theme on a loop in your head you do find some sort of relief from Scramble with Friends and Twitter.

I've considered taking something to help me sleep, but I have a fear of Petit Boy waking up and not hearing him because I'm dosed up. It's daft because he sleeps through the night perfectly and now he's using a cot quilt he's even better than ever before.

Perhaps I should seek some sort of help to get me to rest at night time. I can't stay awake in bed til my body just gives up from being so bloody tired, it's not right and pretty sure by healthy either.

Love to hear from others who find themselves unable to sleep at night.
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