Monday, 2 April 2012

Birthday Boy: Has It Been Two Years Already?!

Next week for most kids it's Easter time and currently many parents have their children at home for the Easter Holiday period, but in the Petit Household (Or Flat-hold? Err... let's stick with household!) our little man will be celebrating his birthday as he turns 2 years old.

I sometimes wonder what it'll be like for him when he's older. On the plus side he will never have to spend his birthday during school time, but then again some of his friends may go away for a week, though to be honest I think he's lucky. One thing I always wanted to do on my birthday was to go to Alton Towers, but sadly my birthday is before the theme park re-opens so this will never be possible (we tend to go as a couple for our anniversaries instead!). Of course the downside is if we wanted to go somewhere for his birthday the prices go up! I thought about how he'd love to go to see Thomas with his mummy and daddy (he went with his Auntie and cousin and loved it) and they has Thomas themed bedrooms so I had to check these out. £135 for 1 night during Easter period but the week after his birthday? £80 per night. Not impressed! But lucky for us it's about 40-45 minutes drive from where we live, but still an amazing shock to see big price differences.

I thought I'd post a few of my favourite pictures of Petit Boy over the last 2 years and write a little about why I picked these pictures.

Not even a day old, very special picture.

First smile!

Weaning and loving it.

Like Father, Like Son.

Cruising around Tesco in the trolley.


Reading Peter Rabbit before bed time.

Every kid loves Thomas.

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