Wednesday, 18 April 2012

BlogCamp Meet & Greet

Okay so Blogcamp is this Saturday so I'm a tad behind writing this up. Oh well here you go, enjoy getting to know the lady behind Petit Mom a little (no pun intended... or was it!) bit more.

Name: Helen

Blog: Petit Mom

Twitter: @petitmew

My Blog’s About: Parenting, Cloth Nappies and Urban Family Life

Likes: British comedy, dying my hair crazy colours, Domino's pizza, tattoos, blogging, video games, my iPhone, photography, Ebaying, finding a bargain, bourbon biscuits, My Little Pony (yes I admit it, I own several that sit around my computer), cloth nappies and Twitter.

Dislikes: Horror movies, sweetcorn, people who smoke infront of children (specially when they blow the smoke right infront of the child's face), ITV News, Jeremy Paxman and my natural hair colour.
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