Friday, 25 May 2012

Buy British - Summer Finds

It seems the weather has changed from being cold and wet to being very hot and dry rather suddenly. So this week I've a few summery finds made here to the UK for you to enjoy, maybe you'll find something you'll want to buy!

Got a young girl in need of some summer dresses? Look no further than this beautiful Yellow Sunny Flower Dress which is funky, bright and cheerful. It's just perfect for those days outdoors in the garden.

It's perfect weather to get outdoors and have fun with the family. I love this idea (we don't have a gate yet at our allotment but man I'd totally get this if we get one!) just add a little door and windows for elves and gnomes to pop into your garden and have fun. You can pop it on to the gate when your kids are in bed or at school and then tell them you spoke to the elves/faires/gnomes/smurfs and said it was okay for them to come visit whenever they like. They will be looking for little friends in the garden for many sunny days.

I've noticed the 50's style of fashion is been creeping back in to our lives. Well... I say that as if I was around for the 50's but you know what I mean. I have to admit I have a bit of a soft spot for that era and missed out on it (I was born in the 80's and far too young to even remember that era) so I'm happy to see it springing back into the fashion industry. This Black and Pink Rock and Roll Polka Dot Dress is only £35 (excludes shipping) and is made here in the UK, brilliant!

I will always try my best to find something for both girls and boys and I just adore this Mushroom Shirt. It's soft, light and super cool! Dottie will make your shirt fit your child when you make your order with her and you can buy more from her with only an extra £1.50 per item on postage. I always like people who do additional item postage for less.

Whilst I totally recommend you enjoy the sunshine this weekend don't be stupid like me, get some sun screen on you - Otherwise you'll look like a roast chicken!

I believe the word you are looking for is "ouch". Thanks for reading!

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