Thursday, 17 May 2012

Buy British

I'm a big fan of hand-made products and use to make jewellery in my bedroom as I had to give up my job seeker's allowance because they were being prats rather mean about my situation (long story but basically if you live where there's no buses or trains and don't own a car then you're stuffed when comes to the JSA). I use to buy lots of hand-made stuff back when I started blogging many MANY years ago (has it really been 10 years since I started blogging? Wow...) and now I want to show you some amazing products made here in the UK buy crafty brits. I shall hopefully be doing this weekly so stay tuned!

I'm a sucker for art but this lady has so many pretty wall art inspired by her allotment. They are originals so only got 1 of each in stock and cost just £8.25 each so you could have maybe 3 of these in your hallway to give a bit of British wildlife into your home. Check out Littlebirdy Designs for all her work.

These days finding a knitted cardigan isn't easy and when you do find one they aren't cheap so this is where you find British at it's best as there are loads of amazing knitters out there. I picked this one because it's well crafted and non-gender specific, perfect if you hare keeping it a secret or if you want something that can be used for future kids. And for under £4 it's a bargain!

Finally I found this beauty. Okay it's expensive but I want to show a mixture of prices and products you can find made by British people. I'm a fan of the space stuff as it's a whole area that is beyond our wildest dreams and kids always dream and imagine such wonderful things. For £75 you can get this hand-painted table and two chairs. Sadly it's collection only but if you live nearby then grab it before it's too late... go on!
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