Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Let's Paint and Print!

On Sunday I decided to pop out and grab a few crafty things so we could spend at least one day a week doing some crafts together. I didn't buy too much as I wanted to see how Petit Boy would react to something as simple as potato printing. Here's how we got along.

I had not realised how hard it would be to make shapes from potatoes. I made a heart, triangle, square and the letter A. I think he'd have been happy with just circles but he did love the heart and A a lot. I then brought in a bit of sponge and found an empty toilet roll.

He dipped the ends of the roll into the paint and made circle prints which soon became the most fun thing ever, although he also went a bit sponge mad too.

I put on an old full length bib on him and didn't mind if he got some paint on it as it was no longer used for meals and easy to throw in the washing machine. We also made a game of washing our hands by having a bowl of soapy water and a towel. I washed my hands and he copied me and let me dry them. Trouble was trying to keep them clean as he would instantly put his hands back into the paints! He had loads of fun and was sad when I put it all away for lunch time. He didn't understand why he can't have blue paint on his hands AND eat his lunch.

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