Wednesday, 27 June 2012

The Mirror's Disgraceful "Article" on Tattooed People in the UK

Normally I don't put two blog posts up in a day but this has ticked me off so apologies everyone. In today's world many people are getting tattoos which have a meaning to them, and for me my first tattoo symbolises my fiancé and I joining together. The thing is once you do get a tattoo you find yourself wanting more and I have a list of ideas that are on my mind but I am thinking long and hard about them before I do get any of these put on my skin because they will be there for the rest of my life. Many people who get a tattoo know this already but still are asked the whole "but what about when you are old and wrinkly?" as if when we get a tattoo we don't consider this. Infact a lot of tattoo artists will talk with you for a good long while before they put the machine anywhere near you. Tattoos are very much part of the modern world now, but they have been part of our lives for hundreds of years, thousands if you go back far enough!

The Mirror decided it would be okay to realise this "article" where a journalist is basically having a good go at tattooed people and basically using his place as a journalist of a big national newspaper to bitch about his issues that he clearly had with his own father. I don't call it an article because any real journalist wouldn't right such utter crap. This may be found lingering around the online version of the Daily Fail (some may know this newspaper as the Daily Mail) and we have all gotten use to those journalists who gripe about stuff on over there because no one really believes a word they say unless you are actually working for them or got some mental issues that you need to work on. And that's exactly what Tony Parsons needs to do, work on some serious problems and issues he has because right now he's being very arrogant and sterotyping everyone who has a tattoo to be the same as his alcoholic father (or at least this is what he leads us to believe that his father was like) when that is not the case.

Just because some of us have ink on our skin, crazy hair colours, wear alternative clothing, enjoy proper motorbikes (not those annoying ones that sound like hair-dryers... ARGH!) and have a liking for video games when we're not children doesn't mean we should be singled out or called anything nasty. Sure there are a few rough people out there who had a tattoo or two but that doesn't mean everyone with ink on their skin is the same. Check out Skin Deep for example, there you will find interviews with some well respected people who (shock-horror) happen to have a bit of their body tattooed. And you know what? Nobody cares, and that is how is should be!

A fellow blogger known as Mrs Whiffo has setup a Petition and if you think The Mirror should apologise for their shoddy and arrogant words please do sign.
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