Friday, 8 June 2012

YouTube Videos My Son Finds

It seems Petit Boy has learnt how to use the YouTube app very well on the iPad and finds all sorts of videos. Thankfully most of them are child-friendly and willing to post his findings here, although I will also probably post one video he has found which is probably not so child-friendly (I will warn you which one that is!).

Even as I put this up my son is next to me counting the numbers on the screencap. He loves numbers and this video has totally got his full attention, he will play it several times before moving onto another one of his much loved videos.

The classic Wheels On The Bus song. This video gets played a lot mostly due to the wheels and the bell part. I found the baby crying a bit funny for some reason, but I never said I was normal so maybe that's just me.

This is a video of Mini Coupe breaking the Worlds Tightest Parallel Parking record. All the speech is in Chinese but not much talking involved, my son just loves cars and for some reason the sound of the wheels as he turns and brakes make him giggle. Another video he will watch at full volume until one of us gets fed up of the sound, sadly that's usually me first and rarely ever him.

And finally the Not-Child-Friendly video. No rude words in it, however it is a Durex advert which you may consider not really for your child's eyes. Actually I'm partly to blame for my son finding this video as I wanted to show my partner this because it was another bit of brilliant advertising from Durex so I showed him it on the iPad. A few days later my son found it. Of course he did, it was in the YouTube History folder... whoops! Oh well it's still a bloody good advert and I jumped in to stop it one time because he started it when my parents were at our flat and it seemed a bit awkward in telling them how their grandson was able to play a video on YouTube about condoms. Well now I'm busted as they read my blog so... My bad!
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