Thursday, 12 July 2012

What I Wore Wednesday (and Thursday) - Joe Browns

This week I got to spend time with Charlotte aka The Mummy Blogger and her lovely daughter by doing some crafts with the kiddies. For once the sun was out so I grabbed my Joe Browns clothes to show off and feel super stylish in.

I don't normally wear vests as for a long time I had a bit of a thing about showing my chest due to the accident when I was very little but over the last few years the scar has faded and now I'm not so paranoid about it. It also helped that at CybHer this year I was told I was a 28DD and not the 32B that I thought I was so kind of a boost really. This vest fits nicely and the fabric isn't too thick so perfect for warm weather.

I've owned one pair of white jeans and I can tell you now that whoever thought white jeans was a good idea probably has an amazing cleaner who does their laundry for them and I certainly would never recommend a mother to buy white jeans. Anyway I have a thing for black slim jeans and these fit me so perfectly! I knew I wasn't a size 8 any more so I got the size 10 and they aren't too big but not tight on me either. I can wear boots or trainers with these and they look good no matter what shoes I'm in!

Disclaimer: I was sent the Joe Browns clothing to review, but my opinions are my own and honest.
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