Wednesday, 4 July 2012

YouTube Videos My Son Finds 2

Yup my son is still enjoying the world of YouTube. I know most people think of the bad stuff on there but so far my son hasn't found anything too bad, although on my last post I showed you that he found the Durex condom advert. These are more child-friendly so no need to put your headphones on at work or hide in the toilets and watch it on your smart phone when you should be working at your desk.

This is just one of a load of amazing videos by Pancake Manor. Bill Reid is brilliant at making real cool and enjoyable songs for kids, but this one has stuck with Petit Boy and I find even myself singing it. As I write this I can hear him playing it on the iPad right now!

The next is counting fruit. He loves counting and shapes and amazing to say when he first saw this we heard him trying to say "two bananas". So because of this I'm sharing it with you.

And finally... Mister Maker's I Am a Shape son... REMIXED! This is rather long but I couldn't help but find this even more addictive than the original version of the song.

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