Monday, 11 October 2010

First Blog Entry

Ever since I found out I was pregnant I have been writing in my journal about every life changing moment, from moving into our own flat months before I was due to present day with my 6 month old son who has brought so much joy in our lives.

Let me write a little bit about myself. I'm Helen, aged 24 years old and currently not married but I do live with my fiancé (my son's father). My boy is 6 months old now and was born 11th April 2010, 6 days overdue. I was expected to go in for my sweep on the 12th April to help move things on but on the 10th April I was feeling a bit of pain and by 6:30am next day our son was born. My fiancé is a full time IT Consultant and the worker of the family, I am the full time parent but I do hope to get some part time work and currently do a bit of work at the company he works for. We are very lucky to have his family close by and they have him every Friday and he always comes home looking like he's had a fun time. Of course this is fantastic but the downside for me is I moved away from my family who are about 3 hours drive from our place. It never really affected me so much as I love being close to the city but now I have a son I feel so many concerns that they won't get to see their grandchild enough as he grows up. Positives and negatives, but we stride on!

I decided to move onto a blog after seeing a few other parents blogging about their children. What I started to do, which I hope to continue, is to show people who are interested in knowing what they hope to enjoy themselves are not just things that many people know about that will happen but also the things that aren't common knowledge. One thing I learnt about when having my first child was they don't tell you everything!


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