Wednesday, 13 October 2010

First tooth!

Alex is now 26 weeks old and this week he was very grumpy. I couldn't figure our why so I sat him on my lap and watched something on BBC iPlayer whilst I munched on my lunch. He has always enjoyed grabbing my hand or a finger and chewing on it but on Monday the chewing hurt! I felt something real sharp touch my finger twice and made me pull my finger out. I freaked at at first thinking something was in his mouth that I must get out. I was greeted by a the tip of a tooth poking it's way up through his lower gum. Poor thing was sore and was bleeding a little bit. I was so happy and was not expecting him to get his first tooth at 6 months old! Don't ask me why but I kind of figured teeth would appear later on, I never really looked into teething all that much myself except when speaking to my doctor when he was drooling all over the place at 4 months old.

So now he's learnt to stuck stuff into his mouth to bite onto to help soothe the pain. I've got him a teething ring also and shall be putting it in the fridge to cool down to help calm the pain a little for him.

He was weighed last week at 15lbs. To some that may seem small for his age but I'm small too and I wasn't expecting a large baby to pop out of me! He was 7lbs 4oz when born and he had a slight weight loss at 4 months old when we had trouble breastfeeding and ended up having to move him onto Hungry Formula milk. But now he's gaining and back on target, a relief that came to both my fiancĂ© and I. But at the last weigh in I was told to give him some mashed up food. I went and got some mashed up stuff and he had a hard time. Right now I've gone to using smooth food and and then every so often I'll try something a bit lumpier and try and persevere. with them so to get him use to lumps and learn to chew.


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