Monday, 18 October 2010

Review: Cow & Gate Apple Crumble

First review! Scary but also exciting! I hope it's a good read for everyone.

For lunch today I decided instead of the usual Rice Pudding (also by Cow & Gate) I would give this ready-made food a try. Of course the first step was to see how my boy reacted to the first spoonful, usually he gives me a bit of a face but by spoonful number two he's happy and enjoys whatever he is given, with only a few foods given the thumbs down from him. This jar of food was accepted from the first spoonful right to the very last bit that I could get out of the bowl. My son happily ate every last drop of it and only had a slight gripe. Why the gripe? Well mainly for the reason I'm not too happy with this food. This ready made meal is very very watery and little one got upset when he got very little down him and the rest would just dribble out. It didn't matter how hard I seemed to try and feed this to him he was having trouble with keeping it in his mouth, perhaps this may change once he's more aware of things such as chewing, but right now it's a problem for little one as he explores many first time foods.

I was surprised to find this one does not have a nasty smell to it. Forgive me for sounding gross but many baby foods have an awful smell that have left an unhappy face on both my fiancé's and my face! This didn't really have a strong smell to it, I could just about smell the apple and as for the taste... to me it's just like any Apple Crumble, which to me is a good thing! Rather he was enjoying the proper tastes of apple and biscuit then something that tastes nothing like what it should.

So would I recommend this? I'd not recommend it as a first food as it's far too watery, but the taste is good.

Rating: 6/10


kemo_2002 said...

my little girl loves this one, personally i think it smells horrible lol, but who am i to say :)

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