Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Whoops I missed one!

Yesterday I was playing with the little one and he was giving me some very big grins and giggles that showed off his lovely gums, but not just his gums!

A while back I blogged about the exciting moment of Baby Lex getting his first tooth poking it's way through on his bottom gum. Well it seems this tooth didn't like being alone and has brought a friend along side him! Both are still very small, however the first one is clearly further ahead then this newly made buddy sitting next to him. But they are most certainly growing and it's fantastic to notice the changes as they begin to ascend.

Today for lunch I'm going to try him on something a bit lumpy. Dinner needs to be quick today as once daddy has finished work we're off to the Supermarket to buy our dinner as well as do the weekly food shopping.

We are battling the question that many parents who are budgeting come across. Which way is cheaper for feeding our baby? Jarred food? Powdered food? Make your own? We are considering investing in a blender, but right now we're having to tighten all our belts up some more and be careful when it comes to buying stuff.


Tilly said...

I'd definitely go down the home cooked route. Just puree/blend/mash whatever you're having (within reason obviously). Once Tiddler turned 6 months I used to put little bits of food on his tray and he'd have a go at helping himself. He's a pretty good eater as a result. Jars are ok as a standby or if you're visiting friends/on holiday etc. They do tend to be pretty tasteless though.

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