Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Budget food

We have always gone with the flow of things being told to use anything that says "baby" on it. Well having researched and read further into all this I'm throwing this out of the window! So goodbye baby cereals and baby juices!

On and off I have been giving my lad watered down juice. This started when he was having a poo problem and was only going once a week. The GP suggested getting prune juice and water it down and told me by how much. Working from this I've been able to just give him watered down juices instead of the overpriced baby juices that are basically the same thing. I do sometimes get baby juice if I know I may have a meal I do not have time to make a juice or boil a bottle of water and cool in time and also have it so I can just give it to his grandparents when they take care of him on Fridays.

Today we tried a Strawberry Petit Filous as he ate all of his lunch and was still hungry. He was interested by the taste at first so I just gave him small amounts and slowly, but this soon became bigger spoonfuls and faster as well. He was loving it and by the end he was no longer grumpy and finished it all off with a bit of juice. Next time I'm going to put a bit of this into his porridge to give it a bit of flavour. Fingers crossed!

This month has been a kick in the back-end for us. Our rent went up and our letting agency took a large sum of money from us which we weren't really expecting til we got the letter last month informing us that if we want to stay we need to pay some stupid amount. However I am hoping to go get a cheap blender so I can just blend him some food myself. I shall be going to Asda and checking what they have in stock here sometime soon. It'll be fun to make his food for him too.

I'll update on how things go and hopefully come up with some cheap recipes for people to try out.


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