Thursday, 21 October 2010

I must BLEND!

In my last blog entry I said I was going to go grab a blender from Asda if they had them in stock. They had their hand blender in stock for just £4.18!!!

It was getting a bit busy in the supermarket so I rushed to see what fruit and veg they had but most of what I was looking for were out of stock. I will be giving it a trial soon enough though! So many ideas in my head already for breakfast and tea time.

I'm becoming a bit of a bargain hunting fanatic. I get so excited when I go into a supermarket and see a product that is cheaper or is more expensive compared to another store. Weird, huh? I found Petit Filous 6 pack of 50g pots in Morrisons for just 75p, it's on this week's offer it would seem. However in Asda it's £1.50 for the same product. Our boy just loves the taste of these yogurts but I am considering giving home-made a try as sugar in these is fairly high. But I am most certainly getting overly hyper of finding great deals for the three of us when comes to food shopping.

I have also started to give our little lad some follow on milk. He is still on the hungrier milk at night time though as this change has just started and was a bit wary about changing his whole day and feeds too suddenly. Heck yesterday we changed his bedtime routine slightly by adding brushing of his teeth, but it went very well and he even held the brush and put it in his mouth. of course I had to do the brushing action as he thought it was a chew toy, but still it felt like he was taking part!


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