Thursday, 4 November 2010

Recipe: Sweet Potato & Carrot

Alex just loves his food. He's a huge fan of sweet potato and carrot blended nicely together. Some of you may be budget parents like us and may find sometimes you pay a fair bit for such a small amount of veg and fruit. Best bet is to go and check out your local farmer's market or any market stalls that you may nice near that sells fresh produce. I was raised in a farmer's town where markets were always open with fresh fruit and veg as well as locally made sweets. Since then I have moved around the country to Leicester with its huge market area and my first meeting of the "Any Bowl for a Pound" style of selling which I loved when I was a university student to moving further south to West Midlands where I got to know the urban farmer's markets and other wonderful stalls. I'm lucky to live so close to the town centre where the stalls are open every day except Sunday. I couldn't get the sweet potatoes from the market but I got myself a huge plate of bananas and a nice big bag of carrots for a total of £2. Morrisons has some sweet potatoes for £1 too so in total spent £3 and the amount of food I got for my boy would last him a good long time!

Sweet Potato & Carrot Meal

1 Carrot
1 Sweet Potato
Water (suggest using the cooking water)

  1.  Peel the carrot and the sweet potato so there's no skin. Cut the carrot up as normal. Cut the sweet potato into nice small pieces. I cut it in the same way as the carrot and then cut the slices in half to help them cook quickly as well as make it easy to blend.
  2. Places them into the pot or sauce pan and then fill it up with hot water. Make sure it's enough to cover over all the veg.
  3. Put the top over the pot or sauce pan and leave on a medium heat for 15 minutes. Check back on it to make sure it doesn't boil over.
  4. Turn it off or put it onto a very low heat setting and leave it to simmer for another 15 minutes.
  5. Add the carrot and sweet potato either into a bowl if you have a hand blender or put into your blender. Put a small amount of the water used in the pot/saucer in also.
  6. Blend until nice and smooth! Done!
This made me enough for 2 feeds. I worked out from the bag of carrots and the bag of sweet potatoes that I bought for £1 each I could make at least 12 servings! Normally pots of ready made baby food for the same amount are 57p each (most supermarkets have a 10 for £5 offer) so this has saved me money!

You can freeze pots of this away and defrost them during the daytime.

Happy Cooking!


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