Monday, 8 November 2010

Rain Rain Go Away!

So it's pouring down with rain today. The weather hasn't been very nice as of late but we are pretty much into Winter time now so guess it's time to fix my big red coat (I popped a few buttons off it when I was pregnant!) and give it a bit of a tidy.

Handy trick my mother taught me was to get some cheap disposable razors and use them to de-bobble sweaters and coats. I did this on one of my partner's sweaters and it looks almost new! Up next will be my sweater and my red coat which has survived since my college years. I know, but it's the best Winter coat I've ever had and it looks fab... well when it's washed!

I've been blending loads of food for the little one lately. I did my Sweet Potato and Carrots but this time I added a few tablespoons of peas, as my other half loves peas and they are a good green source of iron. This went down a treat yesterday so was able to make 5 pots full of the lovely stuff. I did make sure there were some small lumps in it as he is now 7 months old and coming up to the stage of chewing at even some soft and simple finger foods. I'm a bit lost with finger foods but think I'll be giving banana a try as it's nice and soft and he seems to enjoy banana.

I've also been buying a few Organix food jars for those days where I'm out and about or if my head was lost and I forgot to blend him something. They are fantastic and they also do a reward scheme where if you put in the code from under the labels you get points and can use them to get toys, bottles and even bowls. Check the website out for more information.


Anonymous said...

Just came over from BMB to say hello. I'm glad I'm past the weaning stage! Good luck!

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