Monday, 15 November 2010

Christmas is near!

Since the day our little boy was born we have been saving money up for Christmas time. A friend of ours got him loads of cute Miffy toys and a purple elephant money bank. This has become his saving bank for Christmas and Birthday times.

It's his first ever Christmas and there's many things I want to make sure he gets including a special bauble for the tree. He's also going to get a baby walker as he'll be nearly 9 months old. I'm super excited about the whole thing, and yes I do know Baby Al won't really know what's special about Christmas and will probably end up playing with all the wrapping paper but the excitement inside me isn't to do with the day itself. I'm mostly excited because he'll get lots of new things and whenever he plays with something new for the first time he looks so deep in wonder as he tries to work it out and play with it. My parents got him some little stacking cups last months, he can't stack them but first day we got them out he was grabbing the cups, banging them together, attacking the stacks we had set up for him to dismantle and just adored it.

I've not only got enough money for his walker but I have continued to save to get little bits and bobs as well PLUS I realised I had not touched my Boots Advantage card in ages so popped in the store to use their machines. Sure enough I have myself nearly £12 worth of points to spend! I'm well chuffed with that!

We also got given some M&S vouchers from Sky when we joined them. I bought a top for £25 on my 24th birthday only to find out it was £15 special offer so we still have £30 to spend. We're keeping it incase we need to buy any gifts for people or want to get some nice food for Christmas time. We did check out the toys and clothes there for little 'un but we didn't really like much there.

So Baby's 1st Birthday is the next huddle after Christmas has been and gone. This is tricky as I really wanted my brothers as well as my parents to be there but they live 3 hours drive away whilst other half's parents and sister are just down the road (well his sister is in the same town as us, his parents are only 35 minutes drive away if traffic is bad). I'll have to ponder over it but in the mean time... cake! If your child is already 1 or older what was their first cake? Chocolate? Sponge? Fruit? Did your little one have a slice or did you decide against the sweet cake and went for a healthier route? Love to hear from other parents!


Anonymous said...

Oh it sounds like he is going to have a lovely christmas. For Baba's birthday we gave him cake. We brought one of the little iced cakes from Tescos, that are sponge with jam in the middle, he didn't eat the icing and had some cake. That wasn't he is not eating icing, he just doesn't like it. We always have difficulty with his birthday as well as his birthday is my mums so we have to split the day up, but to be honest they are so overwhelmed by it all why don't you just do two. Have one with your other halves family and one with yours. That is what we do. Gives the babes time to actually play with their presents then as well.
I am always writing about what I am doing with Baba so pop over and have a read he is two so a little older but been blogging since he was 15months xx

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